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Assistant Superintendent



December 2008: Leading in Tough Financial Times


January 2009: Signs of a Praying Church
February 2009: Relationship Report Card
March 2009: The One Thing That Changes Everything (Faith)
April 2009: Lessons From My Landscaper - Lessons on leadership
June 2009: District Council Recap
July 2009: 4 Principles for Preaching the Word
August 2009: Religious Profiling
September 2009: Have You Ever Had to Fire Your Grandfather? Tips on hiring staff
October 2009: Are You High? 7 Common Traits of Effective Leaders
November 2009:Thanksgiving - Is It More Than Turkey?
December 2009: A Birthday to Remember


January 2010: Are We There Yet?
February 2010:  Even After 40 Years, It Still Gets Better Every Day!
March 2010: Confessions (and Lessons) of an Olympic Games Junkie
April 2010:  I Married a Farm Girl
June 2010:  Followership
July 2010:  How to Maintain the Right Focus While Leading Change
August 2010:  Transferable Truths
September 2010:  A Lesson in Horse Sense from Alan & Pat Pettenger
October 2010:  The Power of Purpose
November 2010:   Exciting New Developments in the Toilet Paper Industry
December 2010:  I Need to Re-focus!


January 2011:  God Wants You to Have a New Church!
February 2011:  Encouragement
March 2011:  Did Jesus Make Banana Bread?
June 2011:  The Party Line
July 2011: Go Ye Therefore and Teach All Nations
August 2011:  Rear View Window
September 2011:  When Heroes Gather
October 2011:  Two New Chicago Churches Launched in September
November 2011:  When God Connects the Dots 
December 2011:  Set Free from the Attitude of Scrooge


January 2012:  A World Series Thought for 2012
February 2012:  The Power of Vision
March 2012:  What We Can Learn From Starbucks
June 2012:  Transition
July 2012:  The Core Value of Teamwork
September 2012:  Olympic Size Cheating
October 2012:  Keeping My Preaching Skills Sharp
November 2012:  Does Your Church Have It?
December 2012:  When Christmas Hurts


March 2013:  Lessons from a Toy Store
July 2013:  What Does It Take to Finish Strong?
November 2013:  Is Your Church a Super WalMart or a Boutique?


January 2014:  Weather Systems & Life
February 2014:  Memories
July 2014:  Eggs or Bacon:  Involvement or Commitment?
November 2014:  We're In the People Business
December 2014:  This Christmas Give the Gift of Encouragement


February 2015:  Would You Give a Word of Encouragement for a Big Mac?
April 2015:  3 Temptations of a Ministry Leader
September 2015:  Yet Another Reason to Guard Trust 


January 2016:  Priority of Prayer 



November 2008: 11 Indispensable Relationships You Can't Be Without by Leonard Sweet
December 2008: Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality by Dr. Henry Cloud
January 2009:  The Prayer Saturated Church: A Comprehensive Handbook for Prayer Leaders by Cheryl Sacks
February 2009: Powerful Leadership Proverbs by Bill Hybels
November 2009:  Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone
December 2009:  Master Leaders by George Barna
January 2010: Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels



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