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Level 3 Track




 Welcome to the

Level 3:  Ordained Minister Track 


 Below find a listing of courses with their descriptions.



Preaching in the Contemporary World (MIN325)
The purpose of this course is to help preachers present life changing messages that connect with the world around them.  The course will focus on presenting messages that are true, clear, interesting, and relevant. Students will be challenged to present messages that are true to the intent and power of Scripture as well as relevant to the needs and concerns of this audience.

Church Administration, Finance, and Law (MIN 327)
An introductory study of many principles, procedures, and techniques used in today's business world as they apply to the local church and its leadership. Attention is given to organizing and staffing functions of the church, practical methods of raising money for the church's expenses, keeping good records, and managing the church's money, facilities, and equipment.

Pastoral Ministry (MIN381)
This course is offered as our District Seminar for those seeking Ordination. This course examines pastoral ministry in three areas: preparation, responsibilities, and relationships. Topics covered in the course include a pastors qualifications and responsibilities regarding qualifications, devotional life, and personal life; preaching and teaching, worship, pastoral care, leading, training, forming cell groups, and special services; and relationships with lay leaders, staff, work, and calling. This is a principle-centered study to lay a lifelong foundation for the pastoral ministry.

Prayer and Worship (THE311)
An overview of the biblical teaching on prayer and worship leads to practical considerations for cultivating intimacy with Christ in every aspect of life, from personal, private prayer to corporate celebration. Students will discover the joys and benefits of a dynamic prayer life and gain a fresh appreciation for the many ways in which the Holy Spirit makes prayer and worship both meaningful and powerful.

The Corinthian Correspondence (BIB313)
A study of 1 and 2 Corinthians, providing the student with truths for teaching and preaching as well as practical assistance in dealing with the issues of facing today's church.  The student will learn how Paul instructed the Corinthians to deal with division and difficulty. By applying these same principles, the student will be prepared to deal with the challenges of ministry in the twenty-first century.

The Pentateuch (BIB318)
A study of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy with a practical approach that will provide preaching and teaching material. The Pentateuch forms the foundation upon which the New Testament covenant is based and is an important study for anyone wishing to understand
the entire Bible more completely.

The Poetic Books (BIB322)
A study of the five books of poetry or wisdom—Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. These books cover issues like suffering, parenting, and the fear of the Lord, teaching us how to live. The course is designed to help the student in his or her own walk with God and in ministering to others who need instruction.

Intro to Missions (MIN261)
An introductory course in the science of missions. It is a survey of the theology, history, and methods of Christian missions in general and within the Assemblies of God. There is a special emphasis on recent developments, crucial issues, current trends, and missions as they are carried out through national and local churches.

Advanced Ministerial Internship (MIN391)
Building on the foundation of the previous two internship courses, this course focuses on three attributes of the heart of ministry, characteristics to be avoided, tests that must be passed in the life of the ministry, basic areas of pastoral counseling, and other skills needed to be a successful pastor.


Other Topics:

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