Healthy Ministers

Pillar: Healthy Minister

Definition: A healthy minister takes ownership of the God given vision for their life through the holistic practice of biblical principles.

Am I taking CARE of my life?

Connection: authentic relationships

  • spiritual mentor(s)
  • district involvement
  • marriage/family/friends

Active disciplines: healthy boundaries

  • spiritually: personal devotion & prayer life, maturity in leadership
  • physically: healthy eating, exercising and sleeping habits
  • financially: family budget, long-term planning and generosity

Renewal: self-care

  • rest: weekly sabbath, annual vacation, ministry sabbatical
  • relax: an outlet for stress (hobby, interest, etc.)
  • emotional inventory: recognizing what is causing certain emotions to be prominent

Education: personal growth

  • set an annual reading goal
  • listen to teachings (podcast, videos, etc.)
  • attend a conference annually/take additional classes (cont. ed.

At Team Illinois, we care about the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our ministers.

That’s why we offer safe and confidential counseling services for our credentialed ministry families of the Illinois District.

Whether it’s overcoming ministry stress, life-controlling issues, marital difficulties, or trauma from your past, our SafetyNET counselors are here to help.

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