Pillar: Missions

Definition: Missions is a pastor/church who reflects the heartbeat of Jesus by strategically involving everyone to participate in global and local missions through accountable and generous giving of their time and resources.

Are we GOing?

Global Missions

Prayer: Include missions in weekly prayer focuses.

Vision: Teach and exemplify consisted involvement in global missions.

Financial: Increase the % of people giving to missions annually in the congregation.

Practice: Every pastor goes on a missions trip. Have missionaries to come to your church.

Recruiting: Create opportunities for members of your congregation to go on a missions trip.

Local Outreach

Prayer: Include your community needs in weekly prayer focuses.

Vision: Teach and exemplify consistent involvement in your community.

Financial: Designate a % of church income annually to community outreach.

Practice: Create and implement a strategic plan to consistently serve your local community.

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