Upping Your Cultural IQ

Upping Your Cultural IQ

Upping Your Cultural IQ

Many Illinois communities are becoming more multi-cultural.

This is happening because of immigration, opportunities in education and the growing numbers of foreign workers employed in the local workforce.

As immigrants settle into our communities, they are looking for insight into their new world and hesitantly are looking for friends who can help them.

Creating relationships with people from other nations and cultures presents a new ministry challenge and a great opportunity for your local church.

The goal of this session is to increase your own awareness of cultural differences and help you will discover ways to bridge into the multi-cultural world in your community.

Date: September 28, 2023 at 10:30 am. and 7:30 pm. on Zoom

Session presenters:

Bill Snider, Illinois missionary with 35 years in cross-cultural ministry

Joel Labertew, Pastor at First Assembly, Normal.

Joel is leading a growing multi-cultural congregation

In this workshop you will:

Discover your own cultural values and see how these differ from those coming from other nations.

Learn about the basic values of those coming from other nations, and how this can create miscommunication and tension.

Find out what other Illinois pastors have learned and are doing in seeking to build a multi-cultural church environment.

Discover ways to reach across the chasm of cultural differences in ways that are respectful and welcoming.

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